Client Reviews

Hire her!

Diane did an incredible job on my divorce. My ex-wife and I were locked in a custody dispute involving our young son. She had hired one of the toughest divorce lawyers in L.A.; and I had hired someone who came highly recommended. After the court awarded my ex far more custody of our son that I thought appropriate, I called Diane. She immediately saw the errors my previous lawyer had made, then called my wife’s ex-attorney. As tough as her lawyer was, Diane was tougher. Six months later we had a new agreement, giving me the custodial time I should have had to begin with. Moreover, my child support payments dropped from $2000 to $200 a month.

- (5 star review)

My highest recommendation!!

I retained Diane for what I expected to be a quick and painless divorce. Unfortunately this was not to be. Since I am largely ignorant of legal and financial matters, I really needed someone looking out for my best interests. Diane took care of everything, always being available for questions, keeping me updated and in the loop. I moved from the LA area shortly after the divorce was underway and had concerns about being so far away from her office, but things went very smoothly without my having to travel except for court when my presence was mandatory. My ex-husband and his attorney have been extremely recalcitrant which is maddening. However, Diane has been meticulous in following up. I am quite happy with her services and highly recommend her.

- (5 star review)